Treasury of National Jewels
27 Nov

Treasury of National Jewels

The incomparable “Treasury of National Jewels”, which is open to the public, is a collection of the most expensive jewels of the world, collected over countries.
Every piece of this collection is a reflection of the tumultuous history of this great nation, and the result of the creativity and artistry of the residents of this land .each piece recalls memories of bitter-sweet victories and defeats, of the pride and arrogance of rulers who were powerful or weak.
The value of the objects in the Treasury of national jewels is not limited to their economic value but is also a reflection of the creativity and taste of Iranian craftsmen and artists over the different eras of history and represents the artistic and cultural heritage of the vast country of Iran.
These jewels and rarities were decorations for the rulers during the past eras, and often showed the glory and extravagance of their courts, as well as their power and wealth.
There is no information about the quality and quantity of the treasuries before the Safavid can be said that the recorded history of the treasury, of jewels, began with the Safavid monarch.
The address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Javadiyeh, 213 Avenue Central Bank of, Ferdowsi
It’s just 2.5 km from the cedar hostel, 6-10min by car and 30min by walk.
It’s open on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday from 2 pm-5 pm

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