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3 Jul

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Tehran

Maybe its something you have always been interested in or you have a friend that does it. And you are not sure how to start out. If you want to try outdoor rock climbing as a beginner or a professional one ,Tehran Province is a perfect place for you, because climbing areas are really easy access and safe for everyone who wants to try adventure.

The best time for rock climbing in Iran is in Midspring and early Fall. Otherwise most of the climbing areas are going to be very hot or very cold to climb.

Come and discover new and fun outdoor activities with us, find your secret straight with rock climbing, while we will highly recommend outdoor climbing to everyone it is a completely different sport to climbing in a gym, planning your route will be a lot harder, you will be in less controlled environment, and you are completely at the mercy of the natural holds and weather conditions. That being said as long as you remember everything you learnt and climb like you do indoors you will have a lot more fun.

What if you scared of height?

Everyone starts out not knowing how to trust the rope or trust their feet.

That totally normal as a human being you can adapt to anything discovering that through climbing maybe one of more rewarding things you do.

Rock climbing adventures are a great outdoor activity choice for adventure seekers and our adventure are available for all levels, all ages are welcome and  all equipment is included and your guide will take care of everything for you, setting up ropes, knots, staff belay and fun climbing.

These are the most famous rock climbing sites near Tehran

  • Polekhab
  • Band-e-Yakhchal
  • Vardij
  • Tahe Hemmat
  • Keshar-e-Sofla

Let your sense of adventure take over.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Cedar Team

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