Moghadam Museum
4 Dec

Moghadam Museum

Moghadam museum is among the richest and most valuable museums of Iran due to its historical edifice and the collection of unique antiquities and works of art it contains.
This 2500-square-meter Qajar-era property (which is just a remaining part of an even faster estate) is a precious architectural gem in itself which also embraces a rich collection of artwork as well as historical items including earthenware, glass, textile, smoking pipes, paintings, medals, etc. which have been carefully selected and gathered by Iranian scholars and artists from all over Iran and the world over a course of forty years.
The late Mohsen Moghadam, a co-founder of the college of fine arts of Teheran University, started gathering several exquisite collections of artwork since he was 16.some of these collections are still unprecedented worldwide.
The Moghadam collection is a reflection of Iranian art, history, culture, and civilization over time.
Some of these artifacts are even more valuable than their counterparts at the National Museum of Iran.
Yet, the main characteristic distinguishing this mansion from other similar museums is the sense of life and joy that the edifice fact, the architecture, the precious artifacts, the garden and the variety of plant species it holds are all among attractions of this garden-museum. while gathering these objects, Moghadam was not thinking of a museum but mainly intended to revive the past as a refuge from the present.
In the last year’s of his life, Mohsen Moghadam dedicated his family house along with the entire collection of priceless objects inside it, to Tehran university, for the benefit of its scholars and the endowment deed, prepared fifteen years before his death, it is mentioned that his main reason was to preserve historical artifacts as well as to extend the museum through its own revenues with the aim of popularizing art and archaeology.the endowment made by Mohsen Moghadam and his wife, Selma , made an entire invaluable heritage available to enthusiasts of the history and culture of this country.

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