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15 Jan

How to choose the right hostel in Tehran?

How to choose the right hostel in Tehran?

If you have a plan to travel to Iran, choosing the right accommodation will be crucial. Since most of the flights land in Tehran, you have the opportunity to see a diversity of traditional and modern tourist attractions in this fascinating metropolitan city. For your accommodation in Tehran, you may decide to spend more money and stay in a hotel or guesthouse, or you may also prefer to spend less money and stay in a good hostel. If you choose the right hostel that enhances your travel experience, it could be as wonderful as the travel destination.

Hostels are the perfect places to spend less money, achieve more experiences, find international friends, and work simultaneously. Moreover, hostels usually have a good atmosphere that you will not find in hotels. Good fellow guests, nice vibes, comfortable beds, and suitable rooms for work are some of the features for good hostels to make a perfect travel for you.  However, if you do not know how to choose the right hostel with the most comfortability, the whole travel pleasure might be ruined. That is why we are here to give you the top tips and tricks that will help you successfully choose the right hostel in Tehran and enjoy your travel. Find out the tips and choose carefully the hostel that suits you best.

Look for boutique hostels

You can find all kinds of hostels according to your budget; however, it is not worth spending your time in super cheap hostels. To stay in a super cheap hostel means that you have to sacrifice services such as good wifi connection, comfortable beds, clear rooms, good breakfast, quiet rooms, clean bathrooms, and much privacy. The boutique hostels have also a comfy lounge or suitable seats and tables to let you work for hours without being disturbed or distracted. Then, it is recommended to spend much dollar to stay in a boutique hostel and guarantee your peace and privacy during travel. The good news is that even the most expensive hostels in Tehran would be among the best choices for the budget travelers.

Pay attention to location

Location is as fundamental as price to choose the right hostel in Tehran. Since time is king in travel, the best location is the one that could be easily reached from airport, railway station, bus station or any other place you will arrive in and leave from. It is an advantage to be at a walking distance from the major attractions you want to visit in Tehran. Moreover, you will waste less money and time for reaching attractions and you will have the chance to experience the nightlife and head back to the hostel in no time.

You might find a cheap hostel in a distant residential area that is very long walk from the city center, bus station or subway. Hostels that are close to Baharestan street, Si-e-Tir (30th Tir) street, and Panzdah-e- Khordad street or the hostels that have a walking distance from the key subway stations such as Panzdah-e-Khordad Metro, Saadi Metro, Baharestan Metro, Imam Khomeini Metro, and Hasanabad Metro have good locations because they provide easy access to the main attractions in Tehran such as the museums, bazaars, and delicious street foods.

Choose hostels with good atmosphere

Hostels are either suitable for party lovers or the travelers in search of quiet atmosphere or better to say people who prefer a silent place to take some rest and get ready for sightseeing early in the morning. Therefore, our advice is to choose the hostels with quiet areas so that you could enjoy peace there and have enough energy to visit the very attractions nearby.

Consider Small hostels

The big hostels might be more popular for their services; however, small hostels have lots of advantages that need to be considered. In small hostels, the internet is shared among few people; then the connection is more stable. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate on your job without being distracted. In small hostels, there are few fellow guests, then you will have the chance to socialize and make friends with them and even decide to find out Tehran attractions together. Moreover, fewer people means that you will enjoy more peace, quiet, and comfortability. In small hostels, receptions will remember your face, they will have more free time to give you tips for travel, and they will welcome you with a kind smile whenever you come to the hostel.

Even if you prefer to stay in a bigger hostel that is more popular with travelers, it is better for you to choose a small dorm or a private room. In this way, you will have more privacy and it will be less challenging to adapt yourself to the travelers with different behaviors and characteristics.

Ask for check in and check out times

Hostels with flexible check-ins and check-outs are really appreciated. Hostels with checkout time before 10 am and hostels with check in time before 2 pm do not understand you and your needs as a traveler.

On the other hand, hostels that welcome you even after 2 pm and do not oblige you to leave the hostel sooner than 10 am really understand you and your priorities. Then, it is recommended to look for hostels in Tehran that will welcome you without determining time restriction. To do so, you could send emails to the hostels and ask for their rules and regulations.

Consider free breakfast

Though many hostels offer you free breakfast, some will charge you for it. Free breakfast is a bonus because it will charge you early in the morning to get around energetically and discover tourist attractions. Even if it is a simple breakfast that only includes eggs and toast, it will help you manage your budget when traveling. However, if you have enough time and money, you could feast yourself with local foods outside. One more thing to notice about breakfast is the time it is served.

Some hostels serve the breakfast at 7 am and it ends in less than an hour. Unfortunately, it is too soon for backpackers or any other budget travelers to wake up that early. Getting enough sleep is a reward in travel. Then, consider those hostels in Tehran that provide you with free breakfast and let you wake up later in the morning.

Stay in hostels with kitchens

The hostels that have kitchens will allow you to make food or prepare coffee for yourself. In this way, you will be able to cut down the costs and save time to get around for some good reason rather than looking for a coffee shop.

Have Lockers

Security is of high significance in hostels. When you share dorms with others, having standard lockers gets a must. Having your own locker would let you leave cash, computers, or any other valuable things in the hostel and enjoy your travel without getting worried about that stuff.

Forget about hostels that do not have lockers or would charge you for them. It makes no sense to pay for security while hostels must provide it for free.

Know about Internet connection

Internet connection is required for many different purposes. To check the emails, to check the weather forecast for travel, to check safety in your next travel destinations, to book tickets and reserve next hostels in other cities of Iran, and to have access to online maps, you will need internet connection. Therefore, free Wi-Fi is a bonus and most of the Tehran hostels offer it to their travelers as a free service.

Look for Common area

Common area is a good place to socialize with fellow guests in the hostel, to have fun interacting, and to understand others’ motivations for traveling to Iran. Then, a great point for good hostels is enjoying amazing common areas.

Some of the hostels in Tehran have made an intimate environment in the yards of their hostels so that the guests could enjoy the fresh air, have some tea or coffee, and interact with other fellow travelers.

Choose hostels with organized activities

Though organized activities are not deal-maker for hostels, it is a positive point to stay in hostels that organize activities such as walking tours, city breaks with local tour guides, and other activities that connect tourists and locals. Moreover, there are some hostels that kindly arrange the airport transfer or just call a taxi driver for you and it is much better than calling a random driver from the city because they might overcharge or cheat you.

Pay attention to bathrooms and bed types

Hostels usually offer you shared bathrooms and it is not the issue with backpackers and budget travelers. The issue is that the hostel needs to have enough clean baths so that you could take a shower without waiting for an empty bath. The other issue to consider refers to bed types.

Determine your budget, and then make a decision on the bed type. Hostels offer you mixed dorms, female only or male only dorms, and private rooms.

Know the hostel staff

A good hostel is more similar to a warm home than a great hotel. Though the hotel staff are supposed to welcome you officially, the hostel staff are supposed to welcome you friendly just like a family member. Then, staying in a hostel is beyond accommodating in a cheap place. It is about experiencing a warm environment and nice vibe just with the staff and fellow travelers.

When a small family own the hostel, you will feel the better atmosphere there and you will receive much more attention and guidance. If the hostel is managed by backpackers, you will be assured that they are aware of your needs and they know how to satisfy you with their services.

Read the reviews

Read the reviews before booking to find out details about hostels you cannot find anywhere else. For instance, when you read the reviews about popular hostels you might find out that the hostels are the nosiest ones hosting many backpackers while you would prefer a small one with few travelers.

If you determine your priorities, it will be more useful to check the reviews according to them. If the location is a priority and the hostel claims that it is a short walking from the main attractions, the review might reveal that it is not true. You can also read the reviews to notice whether the hostel is comfortable and pays attention to the cleanliness of the rooms, bathrooms, and beds.

The reviews usually will tell whether there is hair in the drain, dust on the floor, and uncomfortable beds in dorms or everything is ok.

Read the fine print

To guarantee your accommodation, read the fine print carefully to find out the check-in and check-out times and to see whether there is curfew for the hostel or not. You can also see whether the services such as lockers, breakfast, and free Wi-Fi are included in the price or you have to pay separately for each item. If you have any questions, send emails to the hostels to travel confidently.

Make the reservation

The last tip to notice refers to reservation. Though you do not need to be fully scheduled, but it is better to reserve the hostel especially if you are travelling in high season or aim to stay in a popular hostel. Otherwise, you might have to stay in a poorly located hostel, or a hostel with the least of services.

Remember that staying in hostels is an experience and it is better not to have too high expectations. Moreover, it is people who make a hostel a great place to stay not the physical place. Then, a hostel is not expected to have all the items listed here; however, you need to determine your priorities and consider the tips that are more important for you. Read the tips carefully, choose the right hostel in Tehran wisely, and enjoy your travel to Iran happily.

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