Ferdows garden
11 Dec

Ferdows Garden

The Persian garden is an expression of culture and nature interwoven, an instance of man’s effort to adapt the nature to his needs.
Persian gardens are composed of water, greenery, and architecture, creating a perfect image of built space adding dynamism to its natural bed. Due to its favorable climate, the Shemiran region made significant progress during the Qâjâr and Pahlavi eras. many countries and Nobel families started building beautiful gardens, and luxurious pavilions in the area to enjoy the natural summer resort.that’s why Shemiran gardens are the magnificent mansions within them are frequently mentioned in historical records. among these gardens are Sa’dâbâd garden, the British ministry garden, Malek garden, Atâbâk garden, Farmânfârma garden and mansion, and finally Ferdows garden (meaning the garden of Paradise).
Unfortunately, disorganized constructions, especially in recent years, and lack of consideration for this natural resort have resulted in the destruction or deterioration of many priceless historic gardens. Hence, Ferdows garden is doubly important, both as a symbol of the glorious history of Persian gardens and since it is located in a crowded city and this deserves proper recognition and preservation.

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