Emâm Khomeini Mosque
2 Dec

Emâm Khomeini Mosque

A masterpiece built-in in the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qâjâr, Emam Khomeini mosque is one of the grandest and most elegant historic monuments of Tehran within the grand bazaar, which is the historical heart of the city. at the time of construction, it was called Shah mosque and sometimes the Royal mosque after it’s Royal founder and sponsor Fath Ali Shah Qâjâr.
His name is still visible on the portal of the large iwân in the direction of Qibla.
After the Islamic revolution in1978, the mosque renamed Emam Khomeini mosque.
According to historical evidence, Emam Khomeini Mosque was the second biggest the mosque built in Tehran.
The architecture is quite remarkable and majestic in terms of the vast courtyard, elegance of the prayer halls and the innovative tile work if the towering dome, vaults and entrance portals. prior to the Islamic revolution, Tehran Friday prayers would be held at this mosque.
Emam Khomeini mosque covers an area of around 11000square meters and demonstrates many characteristics of the Isfahan School of Architecture. This mosque has witnessed important historical events and incidents in it’s rather a long lifetime.
Today, as in the past, it continues it’s powerful yet modest existence as a place of worship, encounter, and transit for people seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood streets.
In 1984, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran put this exquisite monument on the National Heritage Index under the entry 1667.

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